Weft Hair Extensions: Best Way to Make Your Hair Look Perfect

Hand tied weft hair extensions are extensions that are sewn by hand into a weft. Putting weft extensions in place is one of the quicker means to apply hair extensions as it eliminates the time-consuming task of adding individual hair extensions strand by strand (or small clump by small clump). Instead, a weft of hair applies horizontally in strip-form against the head.  Weft hair extensions can be applied in two ways, each with its own advantages, depending on your needs.

Micro ring weft extensions combine a hair weft and a micro ring attachment. When the weft of hair has been placed against the head in a horizontal position, small sections of the natural hair and the hair from the weft are then pulled gently through the micro rings. These hairs are then clamped together to ensure a secure weft. Each weft section is about 2 centimeters apart and this process continues section after section until it reaches the area near the top of the head. As natural hair grows, the micro rings will have to be replaced or repositioned accordingly if you want to maintain the extension.

Skin weft extensions on the other hand, are attached with the help of poly-urethane adhesive tape instead of micro rings. These are applied by taking natural hair and a 4cm-wide weft strip, which is then applied, one on top of the other while sandwiching natural hair in between. This is a suitable extension application method for most all hair types as it adds length and volume to hair, fast. The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

Depending on the quality of your hair as well as the hair extension, you may need to go back from time to time to your hair technician to do some upkeep and maintenance on your skin/micro ring weft extensions.


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