A Brief Instruction on How to Use Hair Extension Micro Rings

People looking for a great way to enhance the length and texture of their hair without having to wait for it to grow will find hair extensions with micro rings provide an excellent way to do so. Micro ring extensions that are made from human hair bundled in Remy style are virtually indistinguishable from a person’s own hair. What makes this option even better is the fact that micro rings enable extensions to be applied to natural locks without the need for heating tools or glue. In many cases, it’s quite feasible for this style of extension to be applied at home with the help of a friend or family member.

Here are the basic tools that are needed to properly apply micro ring hair extensions:

•A threader – This tool is used to pull a person’s own hair through micro or Nano rings. It may also be used with shrinkie tubes.

•Micro ring opener plier – This is an essential tool that enables micro beads to be more easily applied or removed.

•Smooth jaw extension plier – This tool is also used for clamping micro-rings for installation or removal.

•Pulling needle – This is a threading tool for use in some, but not all application techniques.

Online retailers that specialize in the sale of micro ring hair extensions are likely to offer tool starter kits that contain all four of these items.

Once the tools for the job and the right Remy human hair extensions are in hand, application is a relatively simple process. All that is required is using the threader to pull a person’s own hair through the micro ring’s loop. After this is done, the pliers are used to clamp the ring firmly in place. Instructions may vary slightly based on the type of micro ring system used.

Adding length, style and body to a head of hair is simple with micro ring extensions. This distinct option enables the semi-permanent placement of extenders that can last for about three months. Whilst the application technique is often preferred because it requires no heat or glue, it is also rather simple for anyone to learn how to do.

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Difference Between Hair Extensions and Hair Wefts – Things You Need to Know

When there’s a desire to add length and volume to a head of hair, people will discover there are two excellent options for doing so. While both hair extensions and hair wefts achieve the same goal, there are some subtle differences between the two consumers may want to be aware of before making a choice between the two.

Hair extensions are bundles of hair that are affixed to a person’s own natural locks strand by stand using tape, glue, micro links and other bonding tools. The method can be time-consuming, but can result in a highly natural look if human hair is used in the creation of the extensions. People seeking to add length or volume to their hair may choose this method because it is designed to last for a fair amount of time and produces an end look that is quite hard to distinguish from natural hair. If Remy human hair extensions are selected, people may also continue to follow their normal hair care and styling routines, as well.

Hair wefts or weaves are also used to add fullness and length. These extensions may also be affixed to hair using glue or other devices. They are, however, most often sewn or woven into place after natural hair is braided. The true weave method is preferred by those who wish to enhance the look of their hair without using glue or chemicals to do so. This type of extension is also available in Remy human hair bundles, which means a highly natural look may result.

The major difference between wefts and standard extensions lies in their application. While extensions are attached strand by strand to create a distinct natural look, weaves are delicately braided into a wearer’s own natural hair in most cases. Weaves tend to last for about eight weeks. Their main potential drawback is found only if the braiding is too tight. If that is the case, hair wefts may cause a bit of soreness in the scalp area.

Hair extensions and wefts provide excellent ways to add bounce and length. The two styles are quite similar, but do differ in their application.

Remy Human Hair Extensions Are a Perfect Choice For Fashion Lovers

Fashion is dynamic, changing with trends. Not everyone is endowed with hair so voluminous that extensions are not required.  Many individuals blessed with nice thick and dense hair also opt for extensions to be able to try out the latest styles. The reasons are many, some of which are mentioned below. If you are challenged with short hair or hair that is sparse, fret not. Choose Remy hair extensions and flaunt the latest styles.

Cuticle correct parallel strands of hair

One of the biggest challenges faced is tangling of hair. Remy hair extensions help to tide over this mini crisis by offering strands of hair that are parallel to each other. This makes it difficult to get entangled and easy to brush straight in the event of any mild entangling. A little bit of care can help to maintain that luxurious stylish look for as long as two to three months.

Adequate length to suit requirements

The length of Remy hair extensions make it the right choice to use while trying out styles. Ranging from 14 to 22 inches, it gives the stylist the liberty to try out different hair styles. Short hair extensions do not ideally help in trying out new styles. With nice long hair extensions, it is possible to go in for the latest trends that are sweeping the UK. Waves and shoulder length bobs require nice long hair and Remy hair extensions are the perfect foil, the ideal prop to get the desired look.

One score natural colours to match literally any shade

The availability of twenty natural shades of Remy hair extension makes it possible to match any hair colour without having to go in for colouring. Additionally, for those who wish to colour strands of hair, Remy hair extensions are the best option. The hair extensions can be coloured to great effect and removed for a change in style, preventing the need to colour natural hair. With the availability of many hair colours it is also possible to mix and match hair colour combination without having to colour it.

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Make a Fashion Statement With Right Type of Hair Extensions in UK

Women are fascinated with hair extensions as it blends with natural hair giving more volume, length and texture. It is important to know about the various types of hair extensions in order to choose the most suitable one. Human hair extensions are the best, for it lasts long with a little effort and good care. Take a closer look at the different types of hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions are 100% natural. The hair is collected from hair donors with long and healthy hair. Virgin hair, being fragile is softly treated with care to lend it a soft and healthy feel. The eco-friendly gentle processing transforms the hair naturally into beautiful hair with healthy gloss.

Remi hair extensions differ from virgin hair extensions in that they are collected from different donors. However, Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions for its quality and affordability. Remy hair extensions blend well with natural hair. As the hair flows in one direction, tangling and matting are avoided. Remy hair last long.

Some of the various types of hair extensions offered by Remi include:

Nail Tip Pre bonded, a method that comes with Nail-tip keratin bonds. The extension is affixed to strands of natural hair by melting the keratin bond using heat connector. This offers a balance of strength and durability.

Micro Rings and Shrinkies, the latest innovation with no glue and no heat technology causes no damage to the natural hair. These beads are undetectable, lightweight and secure.

Micro loop is similar to the micro ring method, although it comes with loops and rings attached. This latest innovation causes no damage to the natural hair.

Clip in hair extensions, the easiest method of wearing hair extensions, wherein strips of hair are sewn on to a weft that can be easily clipped to natural hair. It is very affordable doing away with the need for fitting charges.

Nano tip extensions have metal hooks that are fitted with nano rings 3 mm in diameter. This is just perfect for thin or sparse hair, with undetectable micro rings greatly loved by customers.

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Remy Human Hair Extensions Are a Perfect Choice for Fashion Lovers

The fashion conscious never settle for anything less than the best. This uncompromising quality fetches the best looks, giving ultimate satisfaction for the attempt. Remy hair extensions are acknowledged as one of the best due to many qualities that are distinct. These qualities set them apart from the crowd of inferior hair extensions. Get a peek into the difference that Remy hair extensions brings into hair styles without damaging natural hair.

Straight, cuticle correct hair that does not get entangled in a mess
It is important that hair does not get entangled or matted in a mess. This will play havoc with new styles and make it near impossible to maintain. Remy hair extensions are famous for the straight and cuticle correct nature. All strands of hair run parallel to each other in one direction. This makes it easy to brush because of its uniform nature. And it is easy to separate the strands from natural hair, after design requirements for gentle intertwining.

Naturally shining hair with cuticles
Hair that is lacklustre will make a poor partner for hair styling. Remy hair extensions possess a natural shiny and bounce that is unmatched by others. This is primarily due to the fact that Remy hair extensions are sourced from hair donors. This ensures that the cuticles are intact. The natural shine lasts long on Remy hair extensions lasts long. This is unlike silicone coated hair extensions that give a substandard, artificial look, in addition to wearing out faster.

Different types of Hair extensions are club to meet the specific requirements
Remy hair extensions are available from different ethnicities, making it easy to choose as per requirement. The fashion conscious are always on the search for new styles that may sometimes demand hair with a particular texture, minimum length or natural colour. This makes Remy hair extensions a popular choice, because of the availability of different hair.  This brings the hair extensions as close as possible to natural hair or the desired hair type. With a little bit of gentle colouring and the right handling, the most ravishing looks can be achieved.

Remy hair extensions gives women the freedom to choose and try out new and exciting hair dos. A proper and glamourous look can be achieved only by a combination of the right hair and the bets style. With Remy hair extensions, one requirement is fully met, leaving only the styling part to be fulfilled.

Benefits of Using Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions offer a distinct style in addition to increasing volume and length. The soft gradient shading makes the hair dark near the head and lighter near the tips. This gives it a great visual appearance.  After all, what’s the point of hair extensions if you cannot try out a few combinations of style to enhance your appearance? Another advantage of Ombre extension is its long lasting ability. Let us browse through the numerous benefits Ombre Hair Extensions extend to users.

Unmatched advantage of human hair extension
There really can be no substitute for human hair, in terms of texture and feel.  Synthetic hair may last longer and have certain qualities that keep it from getting entangled, but human hair is undisputed in terms of appearance. Ombre hair extensions use 100 human hair, giving a natural look. The extension melts into the natural hair admirably without giving away the difference.

Pre bonded for easy fixing
Hair extensions need to be fixed properly so as to last long and in a manner that they do not get entangled. Ombre hair extensions are pre bonded and with glue. The keratin based glue assists in easy fixing of the hair extensions without damaging the natural hair. By an easy process of using a heat connector, the Ombre hair extensions can be fixed securely. This ensures that the extension lasts up to a couple of months.  This does away with the need for frequent fixing and removal.

Straight hair does not get intertwined in a messy manner
It is essential to ensure that hair extensions do not get intertwined and create a messy appearance.  Ombre hair extensions are made from human hair that are parallel and straight. Therefore, the hair extensions do not get entangled from root to tip. After fixing, the hair can be styled as desired, and maintained.  They can be curled to get that swishing and twirling look. With the right maintenance, stylized Ombre hair will retain styles longer than the natural hair.

Ombre hair extensions are available in Nail Tip and Stick Tip presentations to suit different methods of fixing. In an array of colours, these hair extensions come in convenient packs of strands of hair.  Depending on the coverage that is desired, the number of packets can be calculated and shopped. This is an economical option, instead of paying for a very large pack.

Tips to Buy the Best Human Hair Weave in the UK

Minor changes can make a world of difference. Sparse hair that is complemented with the right weave or weft of hair can transform looks. Weaving has effects that are similar to waving a wand. The difference lies in the duration of the effect. Properly fixed and maintained wefts will last easily for a couple of months. Getting hands on the best hair weave in the UK is easy, it is just a question of looking in the right place. Here’s a quick look at a few tips that will help you adorn your head with the best weaves. 

Look for small pack presentations

It is all about sampling and trying out. A pack of weave that comes with minimum of strands is a wonderful way to test and match. Buying a large number of strands and finding them mismatched can turn out to be a waste of time and money. 

Human hair and cuticle correct

Undeniably, human hair is nonpareil. Till date, and possibly the end of time, human hair will remain unrivalled for looks, texture and feel. Look for weaves or wefts that are made of human hair. 

Settle only for long lasting weaves

There really is no point in going in for a weft or weave that requires frequent replacement. The glue or weaving needs to last long without getting tugged off with minimal force during styling or maintenance. Ideally weaves should remain for a couple of months. 

Straight and dye friendly

Weaves need to be tangle free. Therefore, look for straight hair. This will help in easy fixing in addition to trimming and styling as desired. The need to dye hair may be strong. A proper selection of dark shades of dye, applied carefully without disturbing the actual underlying points of fixing can help meet requirements. 

Weaves that are dispatched through 1st class recorded delivery

After you’re sure of the exact weave that you need, it is possible that you require them fast. Portals that dispatch the weaves on the next day through 1st Class recorded delivery are a better option, as you can be sure of timely delivery.

Get the best hair weave in the UK by looking for reputed portals that follow healthy business practices. Look for stores that possess experience, know how and expert support.  Portals that hold stocks of well-known brands are the right places to buy the best weaves.

Tips to Buying and Using Clip in Hair Extensions in UK

Many women wish to experiment with their hairstyles and look great. The intended styles range from the simple, sophisticated to the carefully crafted casual style for parties. Gone are the days where there were not many options. Now you can change your hairstyle in a jiffy.

Convenient way to add volume and length to hair

Remy Hair clip in extensions are a great way to add volume to your hair and through pinning it in a slanting manner gives the length you desire. There are many options such as 14, 18, 20 and 22 inch lengths. These depend on the original length of their hair. For instance, women with shoulder length hair should go for 14 inch hair clip ins extensions so that it merges seamlessly with the original.

Dazzling range of shades to match and highlight all hair colour

Clip in hair extensions come in all colours such as light blonde, strawberry blonde, true copper etc. This lends more character to your hair. Women with allergic reactions to hair dye can opt for this safe option. Without having to apply dye to hair, you can get the same results with hair extensions.

Original hair remains undamaged during fixing or removal

Original hair remains intact, and hair extensions do not cause hair loss. Ensure that you do not use a shampoo with sulfate in it. This degrades your hair, divesting it of natural oils, rendering it dry and causing unwanted breakage. Protecting hair includes oiling with either coconut or and almond oil to keep your hair growing and to retain its natural sheen.

Made from 100% natural hair, enhancing looks without any discomfort

Hair extensions made from natural hair are easy to handle and merges well with the original hair. It is easy to handle compared to synthetic extensions. Synthetic, though cheaper cannot straighten or curl whereas natural hair is very flexible.  Application of dry oils and shampoo is essential to maintain the shine on the natural hair.

Choose hair extensions wisely, with your original hair type and condition in mind because the needs of every individual are different. It is better to obtain an expert opinion and go for natural hair extensions. They are a better bet during the longer run. As and when the need arises, the extensions can be trimmed along with the original to suit your hairdo.

Different Methods of Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can instantly transform your look. There are plenty of options to choose from when you start your research for hair extensions suitable for your hair. Two main types of hair extensions application method are weft and strand-by-strand methods. These are further sub-divided into different categories based on the actual technique of putting in the extensions. Given below are the different methods of getting hair extensions.

Keratin Bond (Hot Fusion): These hair extensions have U tips at the top end that are placed around the real hair and then attached using a heat treatment. It is long lasting and slightly more expensive when compared to other forms of hair extensions.

Micro Links (Cold Fusion): If you are afraid of undergoing heat treatment to get hair extensions, you can opt for micro links hair extensions. Here, the real hair is pulled through the beads of these hair extensions and clamped using a tool to secure the extensions. This method is the slowest way to get hair extensions but the results can last up to six months.

Tape-in Extensions: These hair extensions come with single or double sided tapes that are applied to the hair after removing the backing. This is one of the best alternatives for thin hair since the hair extensions panel is long and helps spread the weight over a larger area. These last for six to eight weeks.

Glue-in Extensions: These extensions can be applied by glueing one side of the weft near the root of the hair. They can be easily removed by using an oil-based solvent. These only last for a few days. These are perfect for thin hair.

Sew-in Extensions: Thick and coarse hair is braided and then wefts are sewn into the braids using a needle and thread. These offer limited styling options, however, they are last for a long time. They are also called weave-in extensions.

Clip-in Extensions: People who are afraid to commit to the long process of getting hair extensions of other kinds can go for clip-in extensions. These come with clips that can be tightly secured near the root of the hair. You can apply these at home with ease. These hair extensions can be applied and removed on a daily basis, making them the perfect go-to choice for immediate and temporary makeovers.

Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions – Gives Creativity in Hair Styles

Selecting the right hair extensions to use for creating a wonderful, new look for yourself can be absolutely overwhelming. There is a plethora of designs, brands, types, sizes, colours and lengths to choose from. For those of you who would like to stick with the preference of the general populace, micro loop human hair extension will be the best choice. Here is a round-up of everything you would like to know about micro loop human hair extensions and how they can add creativity to your hair styles.

Micro-Loop human hair extensions are semi-permanent and can sustain up to four months, with just a little bit of readjustment needed in the duration. Each weft is made of an extremely small metal ring or loop (usually made of aluminium), lined with silicone, with the extension hair strands attached. These loops can be attached to small sections of the hair, where they are fixed using clamping tools.

Micro-Loop hair extensions are made from real human hair, offering long lasting sustainability and making them pliable for all kinds of hair styles.  They can be styled, curled and straightened to create numerous stunning hair-dos. Many salons and professional stylists recommend these hair extensions to customers as they are lightweight and easy to wear. Plus, you can use them without damaging your hair.

Wondering about all the creative hair styles that can be fashioned using micro loop human hair extensions? Here is a preview:

  • Easy-to-make, side braided hair styles
  • Heavy and long, stretched curls for a wavy look
  • Tied-up hair with high micro loops
  • Long finger waves for a vintage appearance
  • Weave-like hairstyles for neat and clean look
  • Beach-y hair-dos with long hair loops
  • And so many more!

There really is no limit to how creative you can be when creating new hairstyles using these remarkable micro loop human hair extensions. Get your set today!

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