If you cannot tell the difference between standard and high-quality 100% human hair extensions, you definitely aren’t the only one. So many fashionistas out there fall prey to bad quality products just because they weren’t aware of what they should check before placing a purchase order for hair extensions. That is why this blog has been created, to put a stop to these scams and ensure that no gal ever ends up with a bad purchase. Here are some pointers that you should bear in mind when buying 100% human hair extensions. Follow these to ensure you are getting a good deal every time!

Check the hair type

100% human hair extensions can always be washed and styled using heat based devices. That is the mark of a good quality product! So when you are planning to buy a set of extensions, ask the seller to use a curling iron or straightener on the set. If there is even a single strand of synthetic hair in that set, it will curl up and burn then and there, giving you a clear idea of actual quality of these extensions.

Check the wefts

The next factor to examine when buying 100% human hair extensions is the quality of wefts. Each weft should be professionally sewn using evenly spaced stitches that are neat and sturdy. The hair should be evenly distributed between the wefts and there should be no strands sticking out at the end. That is how high standard wefts should look like.

Check for shedding

The best quality 100% human hair extensions will not shed or get dislodged from their wefts, even after copious amounts of styling. To test this, just run your fingers through the hair extensions set you are planning to buy. If a couple of strands come loose from this exercise, chances are that the extensions are of an inferior and questionable quality and you might not get much use out of them.

Check the thickness

The thickness of hair strands in your 100% human hair extensions set should be as even as possible. Not only does this mean that the strands should be evenly distributed in the weft, it also means that the thickness should remain consistent from the top to bottom of your extensions. Or else you will end up with extensions that look like a weak, pointed ponytail towards the edges.

Go ahead and follow these tips – you will definitely get a good deal on your purchase. All the best!



If you love playing around with your look and are feeling adventurous enough to try a new style and colour with your hair, here is an option that can help you get that makeover without making too much of a commitment. That’s right ladies – if your idea of looking good involves a fun filled dramatic flair, Ombre hair extensions can truly transform your look without asking too much from you. Let’s find out:

Ombre hair extensions are top quality clip-on or tape-in hair strands that are darker at the roots and slowly blend into a lighter shade near the tip. Now normally, this is a look that would cost you a bomb to achieve at the salon via the regular hair colouring route, not to mention the time and effort it will take to get the perfect look for yourself. But with these nifty extensions, you can transform your hair in the sassy ombre style without having to make any long term change. Just stick these on and you are ready to go – instant excitement and ingenuity for your hair without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Ombre hair extensions are an amazing product – they get you to enjoy the perks of dual shaded hair, bigger volume and longer strands (if you need them to be) without having to actually apply any colour on your hair. Fashion and theatricality come together with effortlessness and convenience in this revolutionary product that is designed to make almost anyone look good. They can add an interesting pop of colour instantly to your hair and are a great accessory to have around when you are ‘dressing for the kill’.

So go ahead, get that gorgeous dark blonde to light blonde hues for your luscious locks without even visiting the salon with ombre hair extensions. Enjoy rocking that new look, girl!

Difference Between Hair Extensions and Hair Wefts – Things You Need to Know

When there’s a desire to add length and volume to a head of hair, people will discover there are two excellent options for doing so. While both hair extensions and hair wefts achieve the same goal, there are some subtle differences between the two consumers may want to be aware of before making a choice between the two.

Hair extensions are bundles of hair that are affixed to a person’s own natural locks strand by stand using tape, glue, micro links and other bonding tools. The method can be time-consuming, but can result in a highly natural look if human hair is used in the creation of the extensions. People seeking to add length or volume to their hair may choose this method because it is designed to last for a fair amount of time and produces an end look that is quite hard to distinguish from natural hair. If Remy human hair extensions are selected, people may also continue to follow their normal hair care and styling routines, as well.

Hair wefts or weaves are also used to add fullness and length. These extensions may also be affixed to hair using glue or other devices. They are, however, most often sewn or woven into place after natural hair is braided. The true weave method is preferred by those who wish to enhance the look of their hair without using glue or chemicals to do so. This type of extension is also available in Remy human hair bundles, which means a highly natural look may result.

The major difference between wefts and standard extensions lies in their application. While extensions are attached strand by strand to create a distinct natural look, weaves are delicately braided into a wearer’s own natural hair in most cases. Weaves tend to last for about eight weeks. Their main potential drawback is found only if the braiding is too tight. If that is the case, hair wefts may cause a bit of soreness in the scalp area.

Hair extensions and wefts provide excellent ways to add bounce and length. The two styles are quite similar, but do differ in their application.

Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions – Gives Creativity in Hair Styles

Selecting the right hair extensions to use for creating a wonderful, new look for yourself can be absolutely overwhelming. There is a plethora of designs, brands, types, sizes, colours and lengths to choose from. For those of you who would like to stick with the preference of the general populace, micro loop human hair extension will be the best choice. Here is a round-up of everything you would like to know about micro loop human hair extensions and how they can add creativity to your hair styles.

Micro-Loop human hair extensions are semi-permanent and can sustain up to four months, with just a little bit of readjustment needed in the duration. Each weft is made of an extremely small metal ring or loop (usually made of aluminium), lined with silicone, with the extension hair strands attached. These loops can be attached to small sections of the hair, where they are fixed using clamping tools.

Micro-Loop hair extensions are made from real human hair, offering long lasting sustainability and making them pliable for all kinds of hair styles.  They can be styled, curled and straightened to create numerous stunning hair-dos. Many salons and professional stylists recommend these hair extensions to customers as they are lightweight and easy to wear. Plus, you can use them without damaging your hair.

Wondering about all the creative hair styles that can be fashioned using micro loop human hair extensions? Here is a preview:

  • Easy-to-make, side braided hair styles
  • Heavy and long, stretched curls for a wavy look
  • Tied-up hair with high micro loops
  • Long finger waves for a vintage appearance
  • Weave-like hairstyles for neat and clean look
  • Beach-y hair-dos with long hair loops
  • And so many more!

There really is no limit to how creative you can be when creating new hairstyles using these remarkable micro loop human hair extensions. Get your set today!

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Things to Know About Nail Tip Hair Extensions?

The nail tip extensions are one of the fascinating products available in the market for those who would love to have a shinier, bouncier and long mane, instantly. Since the extensions take a few hours to apply, all you need to do is to wait for a few hours to get the length and style of hair of your dreams. The nail tip extensions come with many advantages.

The nail tip extensions are so called, because they resemble the tip of our nails, once they are bonded to the base of our natural hair. The extensions are selected depending upon the customers’ requirements and the colour choice. Once you have the extensions in hand, the experts start applying the adhesive or special keratin glue and roll your natural hair with the extensions. A few hours are all it takes to produce the stunning effect which can last for months together.

The keratin glue is such that it helps your extension stay put at the base, and provides beauty and bounce to the hair. Moreover, the glue quickly dissolves in a particular solvent. So, once you decide you want to remove your extensions or want to have them redone, the keratin bonding can be broken easily, by applying the suitable solvent to it.

Apart from the application or removal part, another benefit of having a nail tip extension is that they can, with minimal maintenance, stay for months together. Also, even after some months, when your hair outgrows the extensions, they can be reused by breaking the keratin bond and reapplying the same strands to your new crop of natural hair.

Thus, if you are looking for an extension which will bring back shine and bounce in your hair, and add on to its length, the nail tip extension are the best products that you can choose today. Just remember to use a good nail tip extension, to enjoy its benefits in the long run.

Micro Loop Extensions – Add More Volume or Length to Your Hair

Hair extensions are a wonderful way of obtaining shine, bounce and volume to our otherwise, limp and listless thatch on the head. The micro loop extensions, done with the help of micro rings are one of the most preferred forms of getting a delightful twist and bounce to our hair.

Hair extensions are done either by using keratin bonding, glues or by the use of micro rings. The latter one is most popular because of the ease with which one can maintain the extensions for a longer time.

The micro loop extensions use small rings or loops made out of silicone or metal, depending upon the convenience of the stylist and the client’s preference. The rings range from 4mm to 5mm diameter and are used according to the condition of your hair. While metallic rings work wonderfully with any length extensions, the silicone can provide a perfect blend, with its different colours. The silicone micro rings can be matched according to the colour of your hair extensions, and thus, even the roots of your extension blend thoroughly.

So, the micro rings are used to loop your natural hair with the extension, and thus, keep the latter in place. When finished, such micro loop extensions tend to add volume, bounce and length to your hair, quite naturally.

The micro rings are well attached to the base of your hair, and thus, merge into your original mane, adding to its splendour.

Although there are several types of extensions and rings available online, only a unique and high-quality product can give you a long lasting result and less trouble.

Thus, ensure that your stylist uses the original products to have a gloriously shining, and bouncy hair.

Remy Human Hair Extension: The Best Solution for Long Lasting Hair

Every girl loves to dress up with confidence whenever she leaves her house and the most effective way to transform her personality is to change her hairstyle. This can do wonders to boost her confidence and make her feel on top of the world. In today’s fast-paced life, it is difficult to find time to sit in the beauty salon and wait to come up with a new hairstyle every time we go somewhere. Moreover, the daunting task of getting your hair coloured, layered, detangled along with the use of harsh chemicals makes the hair lose it natural glow and texture.

But, changing your overall look by simply putting up a hair style is no more a dainty task. As, Remy Hair extension brings to you effective and quick solutions to help you look gorgeous in just a few minutes. Remy human hair is the highest grade of real, human hair which is the preferred choice for hair extensions. This type of hair is considered to be of the finest quality as the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, unlike other non-Remy hair extensions where the cuticles are removed. These hair extensions are made from the highest quality premium human hair and can be cut, straightened, curled and styled just like your own hair. Preserving the hair’s cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that look completely natural. Also, keeping the cuticles intact ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny and completely tangle free throughout.

Remy human hair extensions are also very good for longer lasting and shinier hair. Since all cuticles are retained and aligned in the correct direction, this ensures that each and every bundle is silky soft, longer lasting and smooth from root to tip. It is important to pay utmost attention to the quality of the hair used in Remy human hair extensions and one must see to it that the extensions are of the highest quality. This would go a long way in maintaining long and healthy tresses from two to three months making the most of the hair extensions.

Remy hair is the only choice for anybody looking for hair extensions which would last the desired length of time. By selecting Remy hair, you will be able to brush, wash, straighten, cut and curl your hair extensions as easily as you would your own natural hair. The hair will be smooth to touch, and will look incredibly shiny and healthy, which is the ultimate desired look for anyone wanting to enhance their appearance with the use of hair extensions.

There are also other reasons why Remy human hair extensions are the preferred choice for many. For instance, this method of adding hair extensions does not use any adhesives or harsh chemicals to attach the extensions to the scalp. It is also one of the safest and most discreet hair extension options and which does not require much maintenance after application.

Remy Hair Extensions: Lasts Substantially Longer Than Other Extensions

Many brands and types of hair extensions are available in the market to suit different types of budgets and styles. Remy hair extensions are among those that stand out from other types of hair extensions especially if you are looking for a higher-quality and a more realistic option that can add more volume and length to your hair. Remy extensions are made of real human hair, so they are easier to style and they look, and feel more convincing. Moreover, they provide a more natural look and they are less prone to tangling and matting, and they can remain supple and lustrous for a longer period.

Remy hair extensions last longer than other extensions so you can curl, straighten, dye, wash, or style your hair in any way you please. For this reason, professional stylists prefer them to other types of extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are not heat-resistants while other types of hair extensions may look too shiny or may not hold together when you use styling products for human hair on them.

Remy extensions come in different versions to match your hair type, such as wavy, curly, and straight, but they fall under two categories: virgin and non-virgin. Virgin Remy extensions come from donors who have never straightened, curled, or dyed their hair, and the non-virgin option comes from people who have subjected their hair to any straightening, curling, or dye treatment at some point. Non-virgin Remy hair extensions are high-quality and reasonably priced. Virgin Remy extensions may cost a bit more due to its quality. You can choose extensions based on your ethnicity, too, because Remy gets hair from donors worldwide.

You can purchase Remy hair extensions online. Make sure to buy from a reputable hair extensions supplier. Most reliable suppliers sell accessories and other tools you may need to get started with Remy extensions, too.