Remy Human Hair Extensions Are a Perfect Choice For Fashion Lovers

Fashion is dynamic, changing with trends. Not everyone is endowed with hair so voluminous that extensions are not required.  Many individuals blessed with nice thick and dense hair also opt for extensions to be able to try out the latest styles. The reasons are many, some of which are mentioned below. If you are challenged with short hair or hair that is sparse, fret not. Choose Remy hair extensions and flaunt the latest styles.

Cuticle correct parallel strands of hair

One of the biggest challenges faced is tangling of hair. Remy hair extensions help to tide over this mini crisis by offering strands of hair that are parallel to each other. This makes it difficult to get entangled and easy to brush straight in the event of any mild entangling. A little bit of care can help to maintain that luxurious stylish look for as long as two to three months.

Adequate length to suit requirements

The length of Remy hair extensions make it the right choice to use while trying out styles. Ranging from 14 to 22 inches, it gives the stylist the liberty to try out different hair styles. Short hair extensions do not ideally help in trying out new styles. With nice long hair extensions, it is possible to go in for the latest trends that are sweeping the UK. Waves and shoulder length bobs require nice long hair and Remy hair extensions are the perfect foil, the ideal prop to get the desired look.

One score natural colours to match literally any shade

The availability of twenty natural shades of Remy hair extension makes it possible to match any hair colour without having to go in for colouring. Additionally, for those who wish to colour strands of hair, Remy hair extensions are the best option. The hair extensions can be coloured to great effect and removed for a change in style, preventing the need to colour natural hair. With the availability of many hair colours it is also possible to mix and match hair colour combination without having to colour it.

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Make a Fashion Statement With Right Type of Hair Extensions in UK

Women are fascinated with hair extensions as it blends with natural hair giving more volume, length and texture. It is important to know about the various types of hair extensions in order to choose the most suitable one. Human hair extensions are the best, for it lasts long with a little effort and good care. Take a closer look at the different types of hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions are 100% natural. The hair is collected from hair donors with long and healthy hair. Virgin hair, being fragile is softly treated with care to lend it a soft and healthy feel. The eco-friendly gentle processing transforms the hair naturally into beautiful hair with healthy gloss.

Remi hair extensions differ from virgin hair extensions in that they are collected from different donors. However, Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions for its quality and affordability. Remy hair extensions blend well with natural hair. As the hair flows in one direction, tangling and matting are avoided. Remy hair last long.

Some of the various types of hair extensions offered by Remi include:

Nail Tip Pre bonded, a method that comes with Nail-tip keratin bonds. The extension is affixed to strands of natural hair by melting the keratin bond using heat connector. This offers a balance of strength and durability.

Micro Rings and Shrinkies, the latest innovation with no glue and no heat technology causes no damage to the natural hair. These beads are undetectable, lightweight and secure.

Micro loop is similar to the micro ring method, although it comes with loops and rings attached. This latest innovation causes no damage to the natural hair.

Clip in hair extensions, the easiest method of wearing hair extensions, wherein strips of hair are sewn on to a weft that can be easily clipped to natural hair. It is very affordable doing away with the need for fitting charges.

Nano tip extensions have metal hooks that are fitted with nano rings 3 mm in diameter. This is just perfect for thin or sparse hair, with undetectable micro rings greatly loved by customers.

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