Different Methods of Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can instantly transform your look. There are plenty of options to choose from when you start your research for hair extensions suitable for your hair. Two main types of hair extensions application method are weft and strand-by-strand methods. These are further sub-divided into different categories based on the actual technique of putting in the extensions. Given below are the different methods of getting hair extensions.

Keratin Bond (Hot Fusion): These hair extensions have U tips at the top end that are placed around the real hair and then attached using a heat treatment. It is long lasting and slightly more expensive when compared to other forms of hair extensions.

Micro Links (Cold Fusion): If you are afraid of undergoing heat treatment to get hair extensions, you can opt for micro links hair extensions. Here, the real hair is pulled through the beads of these hair extensions and clamped using a tool to secure the extensions. This method is the slowest way to get hair extensions but the results can last up to six months.

Tape-in Extensions: These hair extensions come with single or double sided tapes that are applied to the hair after removing the backing. This is one of the best alternatives for thin hair since the hair extensions panel is long and helps spread the weight over a larger area. These last for six to eight weeks.

Glue-in Extensions: These extensions can be applied by glueing one side of the weft near the root of the hair. They can be easily removed by using an oil-based solvent. These only last for a few days. These are perfect for thin hair.

Sew-in Extensions: Thick and coarse hair is braided and then wefts are sewn into the braids using a needle and thread. These offer limited styling options, however, they are last for a long time. They are also called weave-in extensions.

Clip-in Extensions: People who are afraid to commit to the long process of getting hair extensions of other kinds can go for clip-in extensions. These come with clips that can be tightly secured near the root of the hair. You can apply these at home with ease. These hair extensions can be applied and removed on a daily basis, making them the perfect go-to choice for immediate and temporary makeovers.


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