Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions – Gives Creativity in Hair Styles

Selecting the right hair extensions to use for creating a wonderful, new look for yourself can be absolutely overwhelming. There is a plethora of designs, brands, types, sizes, colours and lengths to choose from. For those of you who would like to stick with the preference of the general populace, micro loop human hair extension will be the best choice. Here is a round-up of everything you would like to know about micro loop human hair extensions and how they can add creativity to your hair styles.

Micro-Loop human hair extensions are semi-permanent and can sustain up to four months, with just a little bit of readjustment needed in the duration. Each weft is made of an extremely small metal ring or loop (usually made of aluminium), lined with silicone, with the extension hair strands attached. These loops can be attached to small sections of the hair, where they are fixed using clamping tools.

Micro-Loop hair extensions are made from real human hair, offering long lasting sustainability and making them pliable for all kinds of hair styles.  They can be styled, curled and straightened to create numerous stunning hair-dos. Many salons and professional stylists recommend these hair extensions to customers as they are lightweight and easy to wear. Plus, you can use them without damaging your hair.

Wondering about all the creative hair styles that can be fashioned using micro loop human hair extensions? Here is a preview:

  • Easy-to-make, side braided hair styles
  • Heavy and long, stretched curls for a wavy look
  • Tied-up hair with high micro loops
  • Long finger waves for a vintage appearance
  • Weave-like hairstyles for neat and clean look
  • Beach-y hair-dos with long hair loops
  • And so many more!

There really is no limit to how creative you can be when creating new hairstyles using these remarkable micro loop human hair extensions. Get your set today!

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