Micro Loop Extensions – Add More Volume or Length to Your Hair

Hair extensions are a wonderful way of obtaining shine, bounce and volume to our otherwise, limp and listless thatch on the head. The micro loop extensions, done with the help of micro rings are one of the most preferred forms of getting a delightful twist and bounce to our hair.

Hair extensions are done either by using keratin bonding, glues or by the use of micro rings. The latter one is most popular because of the ease with which one can maintain the extensions for a longer time.

The micro loop extensions use small rings or loops made out of silicone or metal, depending upon the convenience of the stylist and the client’s preference. The rings range from 4mm to 5mm diameter and are used according to the condition of your hair. While metallic rings work wonderfully with any length extensions, the silicone can provide a perfect blend, with its different colours. The silicone micro rings can be matched according to the colour of your hair extensions, and thus, even the roots of your extension blend thoroughly.

So, the micro rings are used to loop your natural hair with the extension, and thus, keep the latter in place. When finished, such micro loop extensions tend to add volume, bounce and length to your hair, quite naturally.

The micro rings are well attached to the base of your hair, and thus, merge into your original mane, adding to its splendour.

Although there are several types of extensions and rings available online, only a unique and high-quality product can give you a long lasting result and less trouble.

Thus, ensure that your stylist uses the original products to have a gloriously shining, and bouncy hair.


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