Remy Hair Extensions: Lasts Substantially Longer Than Other Extensions

Many brands and types of hair extensions are available in the market to suit different types of budgets and styles. Remy hair extensions are among those that stand out from other types of hair extensions especially if you are looking for a higher-quality and a more realistic option that can add more volume and length to your hair. Remy extensions are made of real human hair, so they are easier to style and they look, and feel more convincing. Moreover, they provide a more natural look and they are less prone to tangling and matting, and they can remain supple and lustrous for a longer period.

Remy hair extensions last longer than other extensions so you can curl, straighten, dye, wash, or style your hair in any way you please. For this reason, professional stylists prefer them to other types of extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are not heat-resistants while other types of hair extensions may look too shiny or may not hold together when you use styling products for human hair on them.

Remy extensions come in different versions to match your hair type, such as wavy, curly, and straight, but they fall under two categories: virgin and non-virgin. Virgin Remy extensions come from donors who have never straightened, curled, or dyed their hair, and the non-virgin option comes from people who have subjected their hair to any straightening, curling, or dye treatment at some point. Non-virgin Remy hair extensions are high-quality and reasonably priced. Virgin Remy extensions may cost a bit more due to its quality. You can choose extensions based on your ethnicity, too, because Remy gets hair from donors worldwide.

You can purchase Remy hair extensions online. Make sure to buy from a reputable hair extensions supplier. Most reliable suppliers sell accessories and other tools you may need to get started with Remy extensions, too.


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